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Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing uses different page layout software to create publication documents. I work with different programs to incorporate text, graphics, photos and other visual elements for improving document appeal.

Using desktop publishing, I can assist you in delivering information that is aesthetically pleasing to your target audience. I work with layout, elements and principles of design, and the psychology of colour to enhance:

  • documents
  • booklets
  • reports
  • brochures
  • book covers
  • posters
  • presentations

To see how desktop publishing can enhance the delivery and aesthetics of your work, please click here to view some of the publications I have created over the course of my career. Please note that these publications were designed for print media, which requires different image resolutions to screen based media. Therefore, the on-screen image resolution may differ to the original printed version.

Important note: any health information presented is to demonstrate certain desktop publishing creations. Do not follow without seeking the advice of your health professional.

You can use my contact page to enquire about this service, and provide details on the document you require this for.

"As well as being a highly skilled clinical practitioner with Go Vita for 6 years, Juliette also researched, wrote, edited and desktop published hundreds of articles, brochures, promotional material and on-line health newsletters. Her creative use of desktop publishing also greatly enhanced her presentation of information, with the designs alone drawing patient and customer attention."  A Timis, Manager, Go Vita Smithfield