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You will have worked hard on your manuscript, thesis, journal article or business/web content and are now preparing to take the next step: transforming your work into publishable material.

I provide a comprehensive range of services to help you do just that:


Copyediting Substantive Editing Proofreading
 Thesis Editing    ESL Editing  


Whether you are a/an:

I can assist you to refine your communication and creative expression.

Why use an editor?

As a professional editor with IPEd (Australia)ciep (UK) and AMWA (Australasia), I am qualified to ensure your work is functional and fit for its intended purpose and audience. You may understand that paragraph you wrote with such conviction, but will your readers? Or will your intended meaning be lost in awkward sentences or ambiguous phrases?

I provide constructive suggestions for improving your written work so that nothing stands between you and your reader. You retain creative control as you are free to accept or reject these suggestions; I will collaborate with you to get your message across in language that is clear, concise and well-expressed while retaining your unique voice

Why use assisted indie-publishing services?

Indie or independent publishing does not mean you need to do everything yourself; in fact, it takes teamwork to transform you into a published author. I assist indie authors to self-publish via Amazon KDP and/or IngramSpark . Allow me to explain your publishing options by clarifying the multiple indie-publishing processes and platforms - then you can make the right choices for your unique publishing needs.

Learn more about me and the value I can add to your work.

Weight Off Your Mind: How to Change Your Mind About Your Body

"Dr Juliette Lachemeier is more than an editor. She teaches and supports you through the project. For me it is very important that my voice is kept in the books I write - Juliette even enhanced my voice and made it clearer. She is very professional and friendly at the same time. So I really recommend Juliette as an editor. She is my go-to editor!" Susana Mei Silverhoj, Published Author

Editors Queensland


"I highly recommend Dr Juliette Lachemeier's services as an editor. She is very well-organised, pays great attention to detail and is very professional in her approach to editing. Juliette is highly qualified as an editor and meticulously keeps her skills up to date.Juliette is also very approachable and friendly, and has been a great addition to my business. It is always a pleasure working with her." Dr Gloria Webb, Managing Director of Jabiru Publishing