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As there are so many variables to consider when quoting for editing work, I recommend obtaining a sample edit from me. This ensures that the quote is based on your project and writing needs, not an arbitrary pre-determined rate.

Prices for editing work are heavily dependent on the level of editing you require: Structural editing, Copy editing or Verification editing/proofreading. These edits can also be categorised as light, medium or heavy.

It is important that I obtain as much information about your project, preferences and needs before quoting a price, and a free sample edit of about 5 - 10 pages is a professional way to do this.

Understanding how to brief an editor will also assist with fair and reasonable quoting specific to your needs. The Structural Editing, Copy editing and Verification editing/proofreading checklists can further help you to identify the level of editing required.

Depending on your individual client requirements and the nature of your manuscript/document, I offer both hourly rate and project based quotes. These quotes can only be arrived at once I have assessed your manuscript/document, and have determined the level of editing required.

Requesting a quote

You can contact me using the form on my Contact page. I can provide you with a no-obligation quote and/or a free sample edit within 24-48 hours, depending on my existing workload.