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Copy editing for authors, publishers, academics, business professionals and ESL writers

Whether you are an academic wanting to publish your research in prominent English-language journals, a student needing to submit your final PhD thesis draft, an established or first-time author or publishing house, a business person needing to streamline your communication or if English is your second language, copy editing will be vital to your communication and publication success!

Copy editing involves correcting and improving written work based on established rules, guidelines and conventions. It requires an in-depth understanding of grammatical rules, punctuation guidelines and language conventions specific to Australia and other English-speaking countries.

It also involves applying knowledge of legal and moral rights and conventions, copyright laws, privacy laws, defamation laws and industry standards.

Australia has its own standards, conventions and rules about grammar, punctuation and spelling. These can be markedly different to other countries’ standards and conventions, like the USA, for example.

Australians are already struggling with spelling issues due to the overabundance of American texts available in the Australian market. However, Australian language style still holds steadfast to tradition, with our spelling styles closely following British English conventions.

I provide copy editing services to improve grammar, punctuation, language choice, flow, cohesion and the formatting of a document. This service does not involve making structural editing changes to your document or manuscript.

"Juliette has consistently proven herself to be an outstanding writer with a meticulous approach to her work and an excellent command of the English language. Accuracy and attention to detail are imperative when writing and editing resumes and professional documents, and Juliette clearly takes great pride in ensuring that the highest quality standards are achieved. Alongside her obvious talents as a writer, Juliette is also a consummate professional in all of her interactions with clients and colleagues". K Wilson, Managing Editor