Sinister Intent: A Red Dust Novel (Book 2) COMING SOON

Linda Dowling

It is the early 1970s. Lisa O’Connor is still haunted by her horrific past. The abuse she suffered at the hands of her brother-in-law and while incarcerated at the Parramatta Girls Home is about to come full circle. A police investigation into these crimes is now being carried out by Sydney detectives, throwing Lisa back into turmoil. Will the detectives believe her? Will justice ever catch up with her monstrous abusers? Or will they elude capture and punishment?

Sinister Intent picks up where the bestseller Splintered Heart left off. Set against the backdrop of the majestic Australian outback, and with its rich cast of characters, both old and new, this sequel is a masterful page-turner. Packed full of suspense, romance, tragedy and loss, author Linda Dowling brings a young girl’s saga alive again, against the worst types of predators.


Counterpunch: The Story of a World Champion Boxer COMING SOON

Chris Shaw

Sam Smith is an English boxer from Whitechapel in the 1960s. In Counterpunch, you can follow his incredible journey into world championship boxing. Fast-paced, action-packed and full of intrigue, Counterpunch hooks you from the first page.

He came from nowhere to become a world champion. He was helped by a team of dedicated boxing has-beens. An unstoppable force, he needed the help of the FBI, SAS and the police on two continents as he rose through the ranks.

He has a gift. No-one can beat him.

What does he do that is so different from all other boxers?      


Holy F*ck and Sacred Water: The Secret Connections to Everything

Ulrika Karlsson & Tora Zophia Silverhoj

Holy F*ck and Sacred Water: The Secret Connections to Everything is bold, cocky, and politically and socially incorrect. It is divinely channeled and imprinted with sacred codes. This book will either have you say “F*ck YES!” or it will piss you off. Or maybe even both. It contains very raw and vulnerable personal stories, scientific information, ancient wisdom, taboo topics, and “conspiracy” theories.

You will come to understand the importance of purifying your own water and using your passionate fire to live your true potential. Life is a multidimensional journey to master empowerment, freedom, and flow in our everyday lives. We can master these by unifying our inner spark with sacred water. This then creates the magical life force within us or what we call “The Holy F*ck.”


Toxic Love: Breaking the Addictive Patterns of Domestic Abuse COMING SOON

Indira Haracic-Novic and Dean Quirke

Are you a victim or perpetrator of domestic violence with the desire to break this unhealthy cycle of abuse? If so, this ground-breaking book is for you.

With their innovative approach, clinical psychologist Indira Haracic-Novic and men’s health expert Dean Quirke shed new light on the epidemic of domestic violence against women. After years of working with men and women in clinical practice and through violence-prevention strategies, the authors provide deep insights into these repetitive patterns of domestic abuse – thus avoiding further escalation.

They have consolidated their expertise in this volume, assisting victims to heal from the trauma of abuse, and to prevent it from happening in future relationships.


Secret Cat Business Vol. One: 7 Steps to a Meowingly Good Life

Esther Daniell

Chester the Cat is talented, handsome and charming—think of a feline Jason Bourne who is so gifted he makes Albert Einstein look stupid. With his street-smart business acumen and catnip-induced superpowers, Chester has overcome his less-than-perfect start to life to create a cat empire. He is director of Chester’s School of the Feline Arts, where he instructs other cats on how to take charge of their destinies . . . and owners.

With hilarious wit and heartfelt vulnerability, Chester shares his life story in this volume to inspire other cats to never give up on their dreams. In just seven steps, Chester guides all cats to a meowingly good life! Paperback and Ebook, 134 pages


Splintered Heart: A Red Dust Novel

  Linda Dowling

It is the 1960s, and teenage Lisa O’Connor is growing up in a sordid family in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Abused and forsaken by those she should have been able to trust the most, Lisa is sent away to the notorious Parramatta Girls Home for ‘reform’. While captive there, she encounters the depths of human depravity and sinks even further into despair.

Lisa is eventually rescued from this abhorrent life by her childless aunt, who takes her to live at a remote sheep station in outback New South Wales. Lisa falls in love with the homestead, Woori, the harsh outback landscape and the Aboriginal culture. With the help of her aunt and uncle, two female Aboriginal elders and Billy, a very special young Aboriginal man, Lisa’s splintered heart and broken spirit begin to mend.

Splintered Heart, book one in the Red Dust series, takes readers on an emotional journey. Lisa’s determination and desire to overcome her horrific beginnings tell a saga unlike any other. Both horrifying and inspiring, this is a story that can’t be put down. Paperback and Ebook, 320 pages


The Order of Elysium

 Dean P.R. Buswell

Angels and demons have been waging their wars for aeons in the aetheric realms. Now this war has come to Earth. The Order of Elysium is a group of fighters keeping the earth from falling into shadow. The Order’s wardens used to be regular humans, but upon death, were deemed worthy by angels to serve their cause: fighting a war against darkness. A war the angels and humans are in danger of losing. This fast-paced, action-packed fantasy novel, book one in The Aetheric Wars Trilogy, will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about angels, demons and humanity. The lines between the dark and the light become more blurred with every turn of the page. Who can really be trusted? Paperback and Ebook, 420 pages


Bloom & Burn: A Transformational Journey of Awakening

Kerry Kirwan

A must-read for anyone embarking on the spiritual path to self-realisation – Donna Dolan

Bloom & Burn is the transformational chronicle of a spiritual seeker’s quest to answer two very important questions: Who am I and why am I here?

In this awe-inspiring chronicle, Kerry describes the unfolding divine processes and realisations that arose from her remarkable yet challenging life story. She reveals intimate details about the experiences that initiated her on a path of renunciation (the surrender of all attachments) and annihilation (the death of all that she believed herself to be. Paperback and Ebook, 148 pages


The Imposter: A Norfolk Romance

Chris Shaw

It is the year 1914 in central Norfolk, England, when young farmer Frank Matthews meets his one true love, Gwen Bell, just before volunteering as a sniper in WWI. This captivating novel follows his journey as a lover, husband, father, killer and identity thief as he seeks to survive the horrors of war and the atrocities he both witnessed and committed.

And who is the mysterious discharged soldier Ken Bullen, appearing in Norfolk in 1917, intent on reclaiming his lost life and love? What happened to these two men fighting for their country in a bygone era of romance, violence, shell-shock and fragile new beginnings? The Imposter: A Norfolk Romance will reveal all. Paperback and Ebook, 325 pages


Bodies of Consequence

Stephen Chong M.Ed.

Bodies of Consequence takes you on a journey that describes a life-after-death experience like no other. It explores the lives of ‘everyday’ people and the consequences of life in the hereafter through the beautifully interwoven paths of three generations of family.

‘A riveting portrayal of life in the hereafter as a consequence of life and the choices we make. Bodies of Consequence is a once in a lifetime book not to be missed.  Dr E. M. Martin, Author of Journey Beyond the Self. Paperback and Ebook, 274 pages



Piggy Tales: Reminiscings of an Old Copper

Graham Burridge

A tongue-in-cheek police memoir full of funny stuff, amusing stuff, horrifying stuff and stuff you simply won't believe. Tall tales, yarns and anecdotes gathered during a 40-year career in policing throughout Queensland that will make you laugh, cry, gasp and say, ‘Nooooo, that surely couldn't happen!’ But it did! Most importantly, you'll gain an insight into the dark side of everyday coppers doing everyday things every day. Buzzy dedicated almost forty years service to communities throughout Queensland, Australia - policing towns and cities across the length and breadth of this vast statePaperback, 270 pages



Journey Beyond the Self: Vignettes of a Seeker’s Life

 Dr E.M.Martin

Have you ever wondered what the journey to enlightenment is like? We've all read accounts from those after they've reached enlightenment, but what did they actually go through, within their own minds, to reach this state? If you would like to know more about this process, then this book is for you. 

Despite a comfortable life with a loving family and every measure of worldly success, Dr Martin had always been plagued by a feeling of desolation within her soul. In this book, she traverses the darkness of the psyche, bringing it to the light of consciousness and beyond. The vignettes take the reader on a journey to enlightenment through words, inspirations, poems and dreams as Dr Martin seeks to answer life's great questions: Who am I, why am I here and what is the purpose of this life? Colour paperback and Ebook, 122 pages


Listen to the Silence

Jenny Overton

Listen to the Silence is a poignant chronicle of artist Jenny Overton’s journey with cancer. Using both humour and emotion, Jenny bares her soul in a diarist narrative about living with cancer and the conventional and alternative treatments she utilised. Her touching exposé also reveals a unique philosophical attitude towards life and death. Jenny treated this life-threatening illness as another gift on her pathway through life and was full of gratitude until the end. She saw both life and death as one big adventure, and her words will bring inspiration and comfort to the existential fears that we all face, with or without a terminal illness.

Colour paperback, 152 pages


Pembrin: The Hidden Alcove

Pembrin: The Hidden Alcove

Bree Lenehan

There had been whispers of a magical hidden alcove within the Fenix Forest of Ameral Alley for years, but according to legend, no one had ever found it. Until now. Seventeen-year-old Halia Bodine, a girl with a medically baffling rare lung disease, begins dreaming of a map that leads her to the hidden alcove of Moa’s Rock. In the depths of this magical alcove exists the vibrant underwater world of M’deia, with its hunter tribes, alluring creatures, ghastly beasts, and untouched lands. After a fated encounter with Luka, a M’deian boy in exile from his clan, Halia enters this mythical underwater world. Once there, she learns that her illness ceases to exist, that she loves without reciprocation, and the cold truth of her parents’ death.

Paperback, 375 pages


Born Again


David Hull

Seventeen-year-old Dane can’t take it anymore. Tormented at school, ignored by his teachers, and with no friends to speak of, he attempts to leave his cruel life behind. However, a chance encounter with Addison, a young artist with her own painful past, opens the doors to a life beyond his daily misery.

With guidance from Addison and her two closest friends ‒ Sandra, outspoken and fierce, and Pearce, caring and loyal ‒ Dane begins his process of healing. With their help, he has the chance to make a new beginning.

Paperback and Ebook, 292 pages


From Money With Love

From Money With Love

Susana Mei Silverhoj

How is your relationship with money?
Does money flow freely and abundantly into your life?
If not, then this is the book for you.

The power of the From Money With Love letters comes from a large group of lightworkers and their collective intention to activate prosperity consciousness in the world. When people come together with intentions like these, they can change the world for the better.

Paperback and Ebook, 95 pages


Goodness, Grace & Great Thoughts On Fire: How to Embrace the 7 Billion Shades of You

Goodness, Grace & Great Thoughts On Fire: How to Embrace the 7 Billion Shades of You

Susana Mei Silverhoj

Have you ever asked yourself the questions: What is life about, who am I and how can I feel whole and free? Goodness, Grace & Great Thoughts on Fire invites you to experience and expand your perception of life into something greater than good or bad, positive and negative. In this book you will learn that all is good — for the highest good! In this illuminating volume, Susana Mei Silverhøj has opened her heart to awaken you to loving yourself — exactly as you are — by telling personal stories that you can relate to. These stories will help you to remember your uniqueness and to embrace both your light and shadows in all their many shades. The “feel-good menu” of 33 personal, brutally truthful and transformational stories will help you pick and choose what gifts resonate with you on your journey — the journey of creating magic and awesomeness in your life. Paperback, 204 pages


Trust Holds the Key

Trust Holds the Key

Helene McCarthy  

This story is set in colonial Melbourne a year after the military attack at the Eureka Stockade and just before the colony of Victoria elects its first Parliament. Powerful and wealthy Lord Charles Webster hopes to be elected. Charles meets beautiful Leah Reece who is Jewish. Social and cultural factors appear likely to keep these two apart as the local Rabbi causes difficulties and accuses Leah’s father of murder. Can independent Leah and dashing Charles find happiness together?

Paperback and Ebook, 125 pages


Unexpected Destiny 

Unexpected Destiny

Helene McCarthy

Unexpected Destiny is a tale of tender love between two young people who meet in unexpected ways. Professor Robert McAllister hears Charlotte Rose present a talk, and is immediately smitten. Charlotte is a respected journalist who publishes under a man’s name. Although Robbie knew the journalist was a woman, he pictured her as a plump middle-aged woman. Imagine his surprise to find that Charlotte is not only intelligent, but also young and very beautiful. While the two fall deeply in love, there is a terrible secret that must be revealed and dealt with before they can make a life together.

Paperback and Ebook, 138 pages


The Only Love We Keep 

The Only Love We Keep

Helene McCarthy

After a terrible tragedy in his life, solicitor Jake Anderson moves to Southport near Brisbane, just before the opening of the new railway, to begin a new life. Southport, a new township north of Brisbane, seems like the ideal place for him.

On his first day in the town, he rescues a young woman and her two brothers from an accident in their buggy. While both feel immediate attraction, it takes Jake quite some time to decide what do about beautiful Caroline Arnett. Does he have the courage to love again? Will she have to be content with just loving him as a friend?

Paperback and Ebook, 174 pages


Southern Cross Gypsies

Southern Cross Gypsies

Clive Richmond

Have you ever felt totally free? With nothing to worry about, not a care in the world, nothing to lose and nowhere you have to be? Have you ever done something totally reckless, just because you can? Clive and Mandy Richmond know that feeling. In 1979 they left on a trip around Australia. They set off in an HQ Holden station wagon with all their worldly possessions, not much money, no real plans and no real idea where we were going. They worked their way around Australia, and then just kept on going around again. During that time they married and raised two kids. Between them, they have had about one hundred jobs.

They lived and worked on seven cattle stations, were married on one of them, and generally lived and worked in remote areas or country towns. There were good times and bad, and some dark, dangerous days that they were lucky to survive. But overall, it has been a great life – unrestrained and untameable, never burning a bridge, and yet full of the adventure of new horizons and that addictive feeling of freedom. You could call them gypsies, drifters, wanderers, lost souls or whatever, and you would probably be right.

Paperback, 250 pages


Introducing Career Education and Development

Introducing Career Education and Development: A guide for personnel in educational institutions in both developed and developing countries

Colin MCowan OAM, Malcolm McKenzie, Mansi Shah

Introducing Career Education and Development focuses on taking a proactive approach to helping young people manage their own career development. It advocates implementing a program of activities in educational institutions to assist them to develop the understanding, attitudes, skills, and experiences to be able to make informed career decisions and take deliberate career-related actions throughout their lives.

This book highlights the importance of introducing an effective Career Education and Development (CED) program in educational institutions. It advocates for such a program not only in support of the growth and development of individuals, but also in support of workforce, social justice, economic, and national imperatives.

Paperback, 236 pages


Weight Off Your Mind: How to Change Your Mind About Your Body

Weight Off Your Mind: How to Change Your Mind About Your Body

Dr Katie Richard

A scientific, evidence-based approach to end binge eating, improve body image, and facilitate weight management using hypnosis and other mind power methods.

Weight Off Your Mind: How to Change Your Mind About Your Body is for you if:

  • You've failed with diets or haven't been able to stick to other slimming programs.
  • You're frustrated, upset, or even depressed about your body shape.
  • You would like to lose weight (whether it's 5 kg or 50 kgs) and keep it off.
  • You want your slimming journey to be easier.

Whether one, two, or all of the above is what you're after, imagine achieving your slimming goal with the step-by-step guidelines in Weight Off Your Mind!

Paperback, 313 pages

One Woman’s Miracle: Everyone’s Journey

One Woman’s Miracle: Everyone’s Journey

Sylvia L. Martin

Read the fascinating true life story of one woman’s quest through many emotional ups and downs, heartbreak, and an operation that led to a near-death experience, which changed her whole life and how she perceived it. This experience led her to wake up to who she really is and what our lives on Earth are all about. Don’t miss reading her fascinating, controversial story that will enable you to understand and deal with many situations that come up in our lives. Sylvia Martin shows you how adversity can be a wonderful gift that helps to release inner secrets and fears, through acceptance and understanding of the circumstance.

One Woman’s Miracle: Everyone’s Journey will change the way you live and look at your life, and lead you to inner peace and love.

Paperback, 139 pages


Awakening to Spirit: Investigations into contemplative and ecstatic practices in the healing of human consciousness

Awakening to Spirit: Investigations into contemplative and ecstatic practices in the healing of human consciousness

Dr Juliette Lachemeier

Despite unprecedented advances in technology, education, economic growth and material wealth, experience is showing that we have never been so stressed, paranoid and disconnected from God, nature and life’s greater meaning. To reconnect with these essential aspects of ourselves, it is becoming increasingly important to take individual responsibility for aligning ourselves with a more transpersonal awareness. Awakening to Spirit, a doctoral research project, delivers scientifically, neurologically and psychologically substantiated spiritual practices suitable to, and more easily integrated with, our present-day culture and demands.

Surprisingly, it was the shock of motherhood to the author’s previously ordered life that provided the catalyst for this research, given the difficulties she faced in integrating her former spiritual practices into this new chaos. The resulting research and metaphysical journey detailed in this work is an informative read for anyone interested in furthering their understanding of the nature of consciousness and reconnecting to the divine source of all awareness.

Paperback, 222 pages


The Metaphysics of Consciousness

The Metaphysics of Consciousness

Dr Juliette Lachemeier

Inspired by the author’s own lifelong search to answer life’s bigger questions, and drawing deeply from the wisdom contained in the seminal teachings of A Course in Miracles and The Science of Mind, this controversial thesis takes the reader on a journey through the spiritual life and teachings of Jesus Christ to answer life's major existential and theological questions: Why are we here, where did we come from, what is the nature of our existence and where are we going? Dr Lachemeier explains that there are great universal truths governing us all, but without an understanding of our truer natures, these truths are often obscured by the seemingly random inconsistencies experienced by the physical body, along with the alternating misfortunes and successes that befall it. Her thesis also initiates a treatise on metaphysics and motherhood, exposing the collective difficulties Western mothers face when engaging in traditional practices for cultivating a relationship with Spirit.

Paperback, 107 pages


 "Every great author needs a greater editor. Dr Lachemeier's skills and competency have taken my latest novel, Bodies of Consequence to a higher level. I recommend her highly." Stephen Chong M.Ed., Author of Bodies of Consequence.

"I highly recommend Dr Juliette Lachemeier's services as an editor. She is very well-organised, pays great attention to detail and is very professional in her approach to editing. Juliette is highly qualified as an editor and meticulously keeps her skills up to date. Juliette is also very approachable and friendly, and has been a great addition to my business. It is always a pleasure working with her." Dr Gloria Webb, Managing Director, Jabiru Publishing.


"Juliette was wonderful to work with, she guided me through the process of writing and publishing my first book, Bloom & Burn. Juliette’s professionalism and knowledge made our journey together effortless." Kerry Kirwan, Author of Bloom & Burn.

"FIVE WORDS: JULIETTE IS THE COMMA QUEEN. As a first time author, it's a scary thing leaving your heart and soul in the hands of someone else... The Erudite Pen (Juliette) made the editing process an absolute breeze! She was brutally honest, always available, prompt, meticulous, PASSIONATE and supportive from the moment we started working together. Even now, on the day of my release, she is supporting me with promoting my work, purchasing my book and sending me links to assist in the process of getting my novel in libraries. I couldn't recommend Juliette enough. Not only have I found my editor for future projects to come, but I'd like to think I've found a book-friend for life as well." Bree Lenehan, Author of Pembrin: The Hidden Alcove.

"As a first-time author, Juliette was an invaluable asset to crafting the final version of my novel. Many aspects of the editing process that typically would have overwhelmed me were detailed clearly and compassionately. Sensitive material that required a deft touch was handled professionally and with an uncanny insight into the intended direction. An absolute pleasure to work with." David Hull, Author of Born Again