If English is not your first language, I can assist you!

I have spent many years teaching English to speakers of other languages, both in Australia and overseas. As an ESL English teacher, I have helped many ESL speakers and writers become proficient in the English language.

I have taught advanced and business English to students and business professionals either intending to study at Australian universities or needing to deliver formal business presentations or correspondence for work-related purposes.

As an editor, I can help you express yourself clearly in English. If you are trying to get ahead in the academic or business world, my services can help you communicate to your audience with clarity and confidence.

Having taught English for so many years to a variety of speakers of other languages, I know much about the English language issues ESL speakers struggle with. English is not an easy language to master, and there are also many conventions and standards governing writing that you may be unaware of.

Let me assist you and ensure you are complying with appropriate language choices, spelling, grammar, punctuation and country-specific conventions and standards. You want your work to be judged on merit rather than English-language issues. I can revise your drafts for style, sentence structure, word choice and make you sound like a native English speaker. With my guidance, common problems such as transition overuse, countable nouns and article usage will be a thing of the past.

I can work with you on:

  • Essays
  • Theses and dissertations
  • Submissions
  • Application forms
  • Business correspondence
  • Corporate presentations
  • Fiction and non-fiction writing
  • Book translations into English and much more

Being a non-native English speaker, Juliette’s structural and copy editing skills have been invaluable in preparing corporate presentations, reports and correspondence. Her highly professional approach and expert knowledge of grammar, syntax and business writing has assisted me as a client on numerous occasions; all with excellent results.” General Manger, with Mantra Group

Editors Queensland