Answers to the most frequently asked questions about indie publishing.

What are the advantages of assisted indie publishing?

Given that traditional publishing houses reject about 96% of all unsolicited manuscripts, it can be difficult for emerging writers to achieve their book-publishing dreams. For those whose manuscripts are taken up by traditional publishers, all book production, publishing and editing decisions will be made by said publisher, and you as the author will need to relinquish creative control to your publisher.

Enter indie publishing! This form of publishing ensures that you, the author, retain copyright and creative control throughout the publishing process. You will collaborate with me to produce the best-possible version of your book, and you will be involved in all aspects of your book’s production.

What is Print on Demand (POD) publishing?

POD publishing via Amazon’s KDP or Lightning Source’s IngramSpark uses digital technology to cost-effectively print your books. It eliminates the expense of having to buy and store large quantities of your books and gives you the flexibility of printing single copies.

POD allows you to sell your books with both online and bricks & mortar retailers retailers like Amazon, Book Depository, Booktopia, Waterstones etc. Customers can also order your book directly from these retailers without additional costs to you.

Why should I publish via KDP and IngramSpark?

While both indie-publishing platforms are low cost and produce high-quality paperback books from digital files, IngramSpark offers a greater variety of trim sizes and and book types, including hardcover. The biggest advantages of using IngramSpark for Australian authors are its royalty, printing and distribution options. IngramSpark pays royalties directly into Australian bank accounts; Amazon does not. Amazon pays its non-US authors with cheques and holds on to all royalty payments until the author has earned 100 US$, 100 GBP or 100 euro and above. This means Amazon authors can wait a long time before getting paid any royalties.

IngramSpark also prints in Australia, which provides more cost-effective POD shipping options for Australian authors and customers. It also has great print distribution partners, including Book Depository and Australian retailers like Booktopia and Fishpond.