Juliette was an absolute delight to work with. She really knows her stuff! Being a debut author, I found the whole editing and publishing process quite daunting. She was a guide at my side and gave me practical advice and recommendations for my manuscript. She also led me through the indie publishing process. I plan to publish another 8 books in my series and will certainly be asking Juliette to edit and assist with publishing on all of these. Thank you so much Juliette for helping make one of my greatest dreams come true! Esther Daniell, Author of the Secret Cat Business series.

Going in as a first-time author I knew nothing of the editing process. Juliette walked me through it all in a very clear and professional manner and kept me feeling confident in her abilities throughout. She pushed me to elevate my narrative just that little bit here and there, which made all the difference in making the final product the best it could be. Juliette is thorough and informative, and doesn’t simply highlight and change things—she takes the time to explain why. I can't thank or recommend Juliette enough. Dean P.R. Buswell, Author of The Order of Elysium series.

I run The Book Reality Experience, a publishing assistance service for writers who want to be independent authors. To facilitate that, I need professional designers, artists and of course, editors. One of the best parts about my job is when I come across a true professional who is good at theirs. It always lifts my soul and makes me feel that all is right in the world. Dr Juliette Lachemeier constantly enables that feeling. A consummate and comprehensive editor, she simply takes manuscripts and makes them better. Isn't that exactly what everyone wants in an editor?  Ian Andrew, Managing Director and Owner of The Book Reality Experience.

I had the great fortune to be advised of the wonderful editorial skills of Juliette Lachemeier. A friend, also an author, recommended her services.  Being a first-time author, it is a maze and also somewhat daunting with people offering all manner of bangs and whistles. However, from the first instant, Juliette was professional and honest, guiding me through my 52 chapters! She polished and refined my manuscript and really directed me to the changes needed to keep an audience pulled in.  It was truly a great learning curve, and I am and always will be very grateful to this beautiful young lady.

Juliette was amazing re content and organisation as well as character development and clarity of plot, which is crucial.  She made me flesh out areas to get a clearer picture and create a better flow.  Juliette advised me constructively with no holds barred in my areas of weakness.  I would highly recommend Juliette as an editor; she is a true gate-keeper. Linda S. Dowling, Author of Splintered Heart and the Red Dust series.

Juliette was wonderful to work with, she guided me through the process of writing and publishing my first book, Bloom & Burn. Juliette’s professionalism and knowledge made our journey together effortless. Kerry Kirwan, Author of Bloom & Burn.

Every great author needs a greater editor. Dr Lachemeier's skills and competency have taken my latest novel, Bodies of Consequence to a higher level. I recommend her highly. Stephen Chong M.Ed., Author of Bodies of Consequence.

I will be eternally grateful to Juliette for her communication, project, editing and publishing skills in managing my first novel, The Imposter, for print-on-demand and Ebook release. My initial ignorance of publishing protocols and their intricacies has now been appeased. Juliette’s commitment to minute detail has also given me great confidence in the finished product. I am excited to distribute this novel to the reading public via all major booksellers.

After all the years I spent on writing, rewriting and editing, this ‘baby’ has now been born with the aid of a highly competent ‘midwife’ who seamlessly dealt with dramas that arose. My appreciation for Juliette’s very broad knowledge of things literary has led me to thoroughly recommend her services to any writer out there.

Again, my thanks, Juliette. I’ll be in touch again soon with more work for you. Chris Shaw, Author of The Imposter: A Norfolk Romance.

As a first-time author, publishing my manuscript seemed a daunting task. Juliette made this task seemingly easy. She is professional, efficient, thorough and a lovely person to work with. The process seemed so simple guided by Juliette. She objectively gave me feedback and together, we collaborated to get the manuscript published. I am thrilled with the end result. She knows her stuff! Dr E.M. Martin, Author of Journey Beyond the Self: Vignettes of a Seeker's Life.

FIVE WORDS: JULIETTE IS THE COMMA QUEEN. As a first time author, it's a scary thing leaving your heart and soul in the hands of someone else... The Erudite Pen (Juliette) made the editing process an absolute breeze! She was brutally honest, always available, prompt, meticulous, PASSIONATE and supportive from the moment we started working together. Even now, on the day of my release, she is supporting me with promoting my work, purchasing my book and sending me links to assist in the process of getting my novel in libraries. I couldn't recommend Juliette enough. Not only have I found my editor for future projects to come, but I'd like to think I've found a book-friend for life as well. Bree Lenehan, Author of Pembrin: The Hidden Alcove.

To publish a book from a manuscript written by a dear friend, who wrote extensively of her trials and tribulations during her cancer treatment whilst also facing the prospect of death, requires expertise and empathy. These qualities are to be found in the professional editing skills of Dr Juliette Lachemeier.

The manuscript was a combination of handwritten and typed text which had to be re-written into Word 10 by myself. However, the final product was a masterpiece due to Juliette’s skills. Juliette made sure that the author’s humanity and her spirit came through very strongly in this book, and she also ensured that the author’s voice remained strong and true. In fact, Juliette has taken the book from editing through all the stages required to be published on both Amazon CreateSpace and IngramSpark.

Juliette is first and foremost the editor of choice for her skill and delightful personality. Brian W Godfrey, Orkhis Publishing.

I have used The Erudite Pen’s services several times for different purposes: my brochure content and my webpage content. I highly recommend Juliette, not only because of her excellent professional service, but also because she’s a kind-hearted person who always meets deadlines.  Christiane Wagner, owner of Body & Skin Care, Cairns Beaches

Dr Juliette Lachemeier provides the most professional, articulate feedback possible at the PhD level. Her commitment to detail, professional and personable approach to her work is unmatched in this field. Geraldine Wunsch, PhD researcher, University of Southern QLD

Dr Juliette Lachemeier is more than an editor. She teaches and supports you through the project. For me it is very important that my voice is kept in the books I write - Juliette even enhanced my voice and made it clearer. She is very professional and friendly at the same time. So I really recommend Juliette as an editor. She is my go-to editor! Susana Mei Silverhoj, Author and CEO at Theos Heart, Copenhagen.

As a first-time author, Juliette was an invaluable asset to crafting the final version of my novel. Many aspects of the editing process that typically would have overwhelmed me were detailed clearly and compassionately. Sensitive material that required a deft touch was handled professionally and with an uncanny insight into the intended direction. An absolute pleasure to work with. David Hull, Author of Born Again

I highly recommend Dr Juliette Lachemeier's services as an editor. She is very well-organised, pays great attention to detail and is very professional in her approach to editing. Juliette is highly qualified as an editor and meticulously keeps her skills up to date. Juliette is also very approachable and friendly, and has been a great addition to my business. It is always a pleasure working with her. Dr Gloria Webb, Managing Director, Jabiru Publishing.

Dr Juliette Lachemeier worked contractually for InHouse Publishing, at which I manage clients through editorial and design processes, with professional aplomb. Juliette was a communicative and astute editor to work with, providing fast turnaround on manuscripts. Dr Juliette has continued to build great client relations in her own freelance work, and InHouse Publishing has seen the fruits of that work in the manuscripts of clients Juliette has kindly recommended us to.

I look forward to an ongoing professional relationship between Dr Juliette and InHouse Publishing; the publishing world is largely built on great connections and collaboration, and Juliette is someone you want in your corner! Kaya Ra Edwards, Client Liaison Manager, InHouse Publishing 

Juliette had such amazing insight when reading my manuscript. She was able to guide me through this very monumentous task gently and effectively. I am so thrilled that she was able to help me. Dr Katie Richard, Clinical Psychologist and Author of Weight Off Your Mind

Juliette's web based writing and editing skills are absolutely outstanding. I saw her commitment and dedication to the small details of a website, such as editing the contents thoroughly, proofreading, checking consistency and errors. She worked page by page and checked all the links worked properly. I do not hesitate to recommend her to my clients who I design and develop websites for. Makiko Omae, the owner of the internet marketing service, makico