Manuscript assessment for fiction and nonfiction authors

This service is ideal for writers who want feedback on their manuscripts before embarking on the structural and copy editing stages of book production.

A manuscript assessment is a great place to start in the early stages of your publishing journey as an experienced editor can identify the initial strengths and weaknesses of your book for rewriting.

This objective appraisal of your manuscript is based on professional knowledge and expertise and provides you with constructive feedback about the suitability of your written work to genre, target audience and publishing goals.


Manuscript assessment procedure and benefits

Once I receive your emailed Word document, I will read through your manuscript and compile a written report (between 4–10 pages). This report will provide feedback on your writing style and what is and isn’t working well. To do this, I focus on:


The fee for a manuscript assessment ranges from $250–$800. This fee is based on the total word count of your manuscript, its genre and the complexity of your content. 

Additional Information

This service is designed to help you achieve your writing and publishing goals. The assessment is constructive yet honest when providing solutions to improve the quality of your writing to meet these goals. An assessment looks at the big picture and does not identify every weakness, inconsistency or mistake, however. These will be addressed during the structural and copy editing stages of book production.