Range of services

To assist you in improving and/or publishing your manuscript, thesis or documents, I provide a comprehensive range of services:

Copyediting Substantive Editing Proofreading
 Thesis Editing    ESL Editing  

I can perform editing throughout diverse fields, professions and genres including:

  •  fiction

  • website content

  • conference papers

  • educational material

  • theses

  • resumes and curriculum vitae

  • marketing material

  • magazine articles

  • non-fiction

  • blogs

  • training manuals

  • research papers

  • abstracts

  • business proposals and letters

  • essays

Never used an editor before?

If you have never used a professional editor before, you may be unaware of how I can enhance the overall quality of your writing, improve your chances of being published or improve your professional and academic standing.

You may also be unsure of what editing actually involves or even how to determine what level of editing you need.

Before you engage my services as an editor, you need to have some understanding about the level of editing you require. From this, an editing brief can be prepared. Do you need structural editing, copy editing or proofreading?

You can also use these checklists and we can develop a brief together according to the level of editing your work requires:

If you are still unsure about the level of editing service you require, don’t worry. I can perform a sample edit of your work, and provide suggestions and recommendations regarding the level of editing you need. You can submit a sample edit request by filling in my contact form.